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It is organised by local grassroots Latin American solidarity groups, some of whom form part of larger national and international organisations and networks. It is not for profit, horizontally organised and we welcome your participation.

This blog began as a means of publicising and web-streaming the Forum in 2008 and is now a space for Bristol - Latin America related information all year round. See previous posts for details of last the 2008 Forum and video clips of the event. If you want to publicise an event please email the blog moderator.


Cinema Klandestino presents "Bloody Bananas" at the Cube this Sunday 11th Oct

Cinema Klandestino brings you an eye-opening evening all about Britain's favourite fruit.
With two films (Bonita: Ugly Bananas & Pura Vida) and discussions with the director!

Sun 11th Oct at 7.30pm
Cube Cinema

The banana is Britain’s favourite fruit and millions of us will eat one today.

But its production is often steeped in brutality. The Latin American plantations where the fruit is grown are harsh environments, where workers’ well-being is sacrificed in favour of cheap farming methods.

The carcinogenic pesticides used on the fruit are sprayed indiscriminately on the workers themselves, causing a horrendous catalogue of sickness and disease and wreaking untold harm on the environment. Should the workers unionise to press for better pay and conditions, their demands are frequently met with violence rather than negotiation.

Since 2000, Scottish artist & film-maker Jan Nimmo has been involved in documenting the lives of banana workers in Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador and has produced two harrowing documentaries, Bonita: Ugly Bananas & Pura Vida.

She will be present tonight to introduce her films and for a Q&A session afterwards.

Plus....banana bingo, banana beer, pedal-powered banana smoothies & homemade banana cake!

Doors: 7.30pm
£4/3 Bring da badge
4 Princess Row
Bristol, BS2 8NQ
0117 907 4190
Directions to the Cube:

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