Bristol Latin America Forum is an annual event held in Bristol on Latin American politics, society and culture. The Forum comprises of workshops, film, a panel discussion, dance, music, food and in 2008 for the first time closed with a World Cafe process.

It is organised by local grassroots Latin American solidarity groups, some of whom form part of larger national and international organisations and networks. It is not for profit, horizontally organised and we welcome your participation.

This blog began as a means of publicising and web-streaming the Forum in 2008 and is now a space for Bristol - Latin America related information all year round. See previous posts for details of last the 2008 Forum and video clips of the event. If you want to publicise an event please email the blog moderator.


Cinema Klandestino bring Movimiento Cinemachete to the Cube. Thursday 19th March. 7pm.

Cinema Klandestino and Cinemachete @ the Cube
Thursday March 19th. 7pm

Cinema Klandestino presents a night of screenings and performance in collaboration with Movimiento Cinemachete.

Cinemachete is a radical, international filmmaking movement, born in 2007 in the underground cafes, bars and art cinemas of Bogota, Colombia. Influenced by the revolutionary 'Third Cinema' movement that exploded all over Latin America in the 1960s, they are working to revive and reinvent political filmmaking for the 21st century.

Order of Events:

1. Cinemachete. Presentation of movement and the night's events. (5mins)

2. Trailer: Bathed by the Tiger (Banados por el Tigre) (10mins)

A chance to see a preview of this film that follows the lives of a family in Colombia who were displaced by paramilitaries 10 years ago. It shows the incredible strength, dignity and intelligence of one illiterate peasant and his family as they fight escape the city slums and build a new community in a land still haunted by violence.

3. Oury Jalloh (20mins)

Winner of the UNESCO/Amnesty International "German Human Rights Film Prize" this film is a powerful reflection on the life of an immigrant from Sierra Leone who was burnt alive in a German police cell in 2003. The film was written and acted by his friends.

4. Enoch's Voyage (15mins)

A performance in displacement (Dance, Sound and Visuals)

5. Cuatro Movimientos Por el Cuerpo Humano (Four Movements for the Human Body) (50mins)

Banned in Colombia, this fast paced film fuses documentary with music video aesthetics as it tells the experiences of four dancers from the world renowned 'Colegio del Cuerpo' dance company who use the art of movement to escape the violence of everyday life.

6. Retreat to Bar!

Performance and Films starts at 8pm, doors at 7pm.
Followed by music and discussion.

Door: 6/5 (bring da badge)


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