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Cinema Klandestino @ the Cube Fri 10th Oct

Shrouded in mystery in the Cube programme:

it can now be revealed that:
This Friday, the 10th of October, Cinema Klandestino return for our 4th night at the Cube Cinema to present:

Violet of a Thousand Colours
Dir: Harold Trompetero
Colombia, 2005

doors @ 8pm
£4/3 (Bring yer badge!)

This film has not been internationally released for the star, Flora Martinez, has prohibited its director, Harold Trompetero from showing it in Colombia or anywhere else. She claims that the movie was made for experimental film purposes and that Trompetero wants to jump on the bandwagon of the commercial success of her next film Rosario Tijeras (2005)

Despite this, it was shown at the Bogotá Film Festival in October 2005, in the Cartagena Film Festival in March 2006 and in La Palma Island International Film Festival in July 2006, where it won several awards.

It is now being screened for the first time ever in the UK.

Low-budget, raw, and ultimately audacious, Violet of a Thousand Colours is set in New York and revolves around a nameless woman. A woman with all the defects and qualities of a human being. A woman who one day takes the decision to exist no more, simply because she is tired of life.

She begins to prepare for her death. Her plan is to cut her veins in the bathtub, surrounded by candles and rose petals scattered on the floor and remember each moment of her life until her body gives out and her brain ceases to irrigate blood. She plans to lose consciousness and then sink into the warm and tranquil water for all eternity or until someone finds her dead.

For her the important thing is to die, to die remembering, to die dreaming, to die like she always wanted, a perfect painting for the painter, the only photograph that will annihilate the forensics photograph, the perfect scene for a film director. A suicide artistically perfect, committed by a woman like any other.

Through the film, Trompetero explores adverse sentiments inherent in femininity and the human condition in general, and this, added to its prohibited nature, should make for another quality night at the Cube.

New tunes, fresh from Colombia, will be playing at the bar before the film, so get down at 8pm!

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