Bristol Latin America Forum is an annual event held in Bristol on Latin American politics, society and culture. The Forum comprises of workshops, film, a panel discussion, dance, music, food and in 2008 for the first time closed with a World Cafe process.

It is organised by local grassroots Latin American solidarity groups, some of whom form part of larger national and international organisations and networks. It is not for profit, horizontally organised and we welcome your participation.

This blog began as a means of publicising and web-streaming the Forum in 2008 and is now a space for Bristol - Latin America related information all year round. See previous posts for details of last the 2008 Forum and video clips of the event. If you want to publicise an event please email the blog moderator.


Los Cartoneros: 18th June @ La Ruca

The Cartoneros of Buenos Aires:
Shadow show, film and discussion on the inspiring environmental work of Argentinas poorest.

The sound of nightlife in downtown Buenos Aires now is not so much heels clicking to a tango but the trundle of carts loaded up with rubbish. Each evening, thousands of families take to the streets and alleys to spend the night salvaging heaps of cardboard, glass and cans. They're called the "cartoneros". Though they are providing an essential environmental service, they earn only about 2p on every kilo collected. In a country where over half the people are in poverty, this is the only way they can put food on the table. The appearance of cartoneros has been one of the most visible and lasting effects of the 2001-2002 economic crisis in Argentina, a result of IMF and World Bank incompetence.

Rossana Vanni, from Buenos Aires, will present her stunning shadow show of the Cartoneros story. There will then be a short documentary and discussion. This event will look at the origins of the economic and social crisis and the resourcefulness of the cartoneros in not only creating work for themselves, but also providing their own social services, creative projects and campaigns. This is a tragic story, but full of hope.

Wednesday, 18th June 2008 – 7.15 p

La Ruca, 89 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8AS

Cost – Donations (All proceeds will go to social projects run by the Cartoneros).

Latin American Food and Cartoneros Books Available for sale

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