Bristol Latin America Forum is an annual event held in Bristol on Latin American politics, society and culture. The Forum comprises of workshops, film, a panel discussion, dance, music, food and in 2008 for the first time closed with a World Cafe process.

It is organised by local grassroots Latin American solidarity groups, some of whom form part of larger national and international organisations and networks. It is not for profit, horizontally organised and we welcome your participation.

This blog began as a means of publicising and web-streaming the Forum in 2008 and is now a space for Bristol - Latin America related information all year round. See previous posts for details of last the 2008 Forum and video clips of the event. If you want to publicise an event please email the blog moderator.


"If I cant dance it's not my revolution"

...And if you cant make it today get down KUUMBA, 20-23 Hepburn Rd. St. Pauls for the Afterparty tonight 9pm - 2am. Entry - £5, £4 Unwaged

This year we have three bands spanning a range of Latin American styles and incorporating european influences, celebrating the old and embracing the new:

  • ORQUESTA MONTPELIER - 16 Piece live salsa creol band, crystalised in Bristol. Fat contemporary arrangements of Salsa classics, playing Descarga Mambo, Boogaloo, Merengue with Mindful Hip Hop; creatively combined with traditional Afro Cuban folkloric beats, to bring you one of the UK's most exciting orchestras of experimental Salsa.

  • COLORES DE MI TIERRA - Rhythms, dances and melodies from the Caribbean coast of Colombia ...... sounds of tambores, voices, flutes and guitars that have been passed down through the generations. This is a living tradition performed from the heart with energy and joy.
  • EL MERCADO DE MIRÁN - Contemporary acoustic music inspired in the traditional rhythms and melodies of African, Amerindian and European folklore in Latin America. El Mercado de Mirán, incorporates the Andalusian cajón beat and Colombian piano of new band members Jorge and Raimundo alongside Miranda on vocals and Julian on guitar bringing the European sound of the melodica into their spirited, passionate and heart-felt Latin American folkloric sound.
We will also have resident Pachanga Sudaka DJs playing a mashup of Latin Music from cumbia, salsa and bachata through to Latin Ska, Fusion, Reggateon, Latinhop and a lot in- between.

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